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Alphabet Art Cards in the box with the lid open
image of each of the 26 Alphabet Art Cards
Image of the A and M alphabet cards

Alphabet Art Cards (12 meals)

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Twenty-six high quality art cards representing every letter of the alphabet.  Each card is thoughtfully designed to capture a child's attention while introducing them to the alphabet and effectively building their foundation for reading.  Each card has a color photo, the corresponding capital and lower case letter and the title of the object.  All photographs were taken by photographer, Eric Seplowitz.


The typography aligns with how children are taught to recognize and write letters, and the images represent the most basic letter sounds.


The stunning photography make a beautiful addition to any child's room, playroom, classroom or pediatric office space.

Environmentally Responsible

Printed on sustainably forested paper (FSC certified) with child-safe inks and without laminates.

Proudly designed and printed in the USA.

Each set of cards provides funding for 12 meals for kids.