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Black Mandala Grocery Tote (provides 10 Meals)

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Our family has always been fortunate to share many meals together.  I will admit that as a child, sometimes these meals seemed to last way too long and I would have preferred to play kickball in the backyard with my cousins or feed the fish in the pond.  As an adult I have become nostalgic about my memory of the dishes and plates on my grandmother's tables.  One of my grandmothers had white dishes with a bright blue design on them.  I was thinking about those dishes and the meals I had at her house as a drew this particular mandala... which I knew need to be blue on white.  

A roomy tote with nice long handles featuring an original, hand-drawn nourish mandala design in blue.  The uses for this bag are endless...groceries, library books, knitting projects, toys....the list goes on and on.

100% organic cotton twill.  Measures 16.5" x 17" x 6"

The purchase of each tote provides 10 nourishing meals to kids in need.


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