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CCRC Canvas Tote Bag (provides 10 Meals)

CCRC Canvas Tote Bag (provides 10 Meals)

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Please place your order by Wednesday, May 15, 2024

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A roomy tote with nice long handles featuring an original design by artist, Betsy Seplowitz. The uses for this bag are endless... school work, groceries, library books, knitting projects, toys....the list goes on and on.

A few notes on the design... The center is the CCRC logo surrounded by some “petals” that are inspired by the shape of the arch in the front of the church.  The small circles represent individuals who come together and spread light/positivity.  The leaves and vines represent growth and the outer circle is a loose reference to the architecture of the building.  

100% organic cotton twill.  Measures 16.5" x 17" x 6"

Every purchase provides funding for meals for kids in need in Upstate New York in collaboration with the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York.