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Nourish Ornament Token (provides 1 meal)
Nourish Ornament Token (provides 1 meal)

Nourish Ornament Token (provides 1 meal)

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A token is defined as something you give to someone that represents a feeling or emotion.  It seems appropriate that I call these hearts and circles tokens. 

The intention is to remind you to nourish yourself… whatever that means to you.  Tuck it in your pocket or maybe hang it by your bed… place it somewhere you will see it daily… so you remember to take care of you.

These tokens are my first collaboration with another artist…. Amy of Mindful Stitches.  Each piece is an original quilted creation with the word “nourish” in my handwriting.  Tokens measure approximate 2 1/4" in diameter.

Each token provides 1 meal to a kid in need through the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. 

Each nourish token is handmade. Colors vary but are representative of those in the photos.  

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