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About the mandalas….

Each mandala is an original, hand-drawn design.  The designs are drawn in ink, and like life, they are not necessarily perfect.  I don’t use stencils or sketch out my designs in advance, but rather let the patterns develop as I draw.  There’s no erasing; no correcting… just transforming lines into patterns and patterns into mandalas.  Most of my mandalas are inspired by patterns I see in nature... waves, petals, shadows, details in leaves, tree branches, seeds, clouds, etc.


About Betsy….

About 5 years ago I started drawing patterns.  Over time, the patterns became more complex, but they continue to be a series of lines drawn one at a time.  Drawing mandalas provides a creative outlet for me and a time for my mind to slow down and re-focus. 


About nourish?

Several years ago I was asked if I would help with a new Backpack Program at my kids’ elementary school.  I had no idea what it was.  They explained… There are children who don’t have reliable access to food over the weekends and there is a program organized by the Food Bank that supplies non-perishable, easy to make food which can be discreetly distributed in backpacks to children so they aren’t without food over the weekend.  The school just needed some volunteers to go down to the foodbank and pick up the food.  I didn’t even have to think twice…yes I will help….and I’ve been doing it ever since. 


You remember elementary school, right?  The days were fun, but long and sometimes you weren’t that excited about what you were learning.  Remember getting up on Monday morning and wishing you still had one more day to the weekend, not quite ready to be focused and learn?  Now imagine starting your week hungry…because there just wasn’t enough food to eat at home over the weekend.  How can we expect our children to succeed if their very basic needs are not being met…if they are not nourished? 


When I started sharing my mandalas with friends many people responded that I should do something with them… “make notecards”, “print t-shirts”, “put them on a bag.”  One day I really thought about their ideas and decided that I could use my art to help nourish kids…to provide them with what they need to flourish…to become their best selves.