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100 Days of Herbs (8 meals)

100 Days of Herbs (8 meals)

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100 Days of Herbs is a collection of small daily tasks that helps to cultivates a deeper connection to herbal practices.

Signed by the author, Jessica Marcy.

Just starting to get interested in herbalism or alternative medicine? 100 Days of Herbs takes a day-by-day approach to learning herbs, incorporating traditional wisdom, scientific data, and a wide array of topics, 100 Days of Herbs provides a fully comprehensive and easily accessible introduction to the world of herbalism and plant based medicine. It features:
  • 100+recipes

  • Herbal terminology and foundational topics

  • Specific information on over 20 herbs

  • How to construct an Herbal First Aid Kit

  • Instructions for creating luxurious handmade beauty products

  • The basics of using herbs for cold and flu

  • Tips for using herbs for emotional support

Whether you are just interested in learning how to incorporate more holistic approaches to your everyday life, learning to be more self-sufficient, or just looking for some cool projects for the family this book has you covered.