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Product Image: Embroidered Wool Belt: Andean Flower

Embroidered Wool Belt: Andean Flower (provides 24 meals)

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Andean Flower Embroidered Wool Belt

These embroidered belts are simply beautiful and the perfect accessory to elevate any outfit.  Each belt is handmade by talented artisans in Peru, who earn a living wage to practice their craft.

Belts have 5 sets of holes spaced 2" apart so they are versatile; you can wear the same belt on your waist or hips. They also stretch slightly, like a pair of jeans, and will conform to your body after a few days of wear. They are 1-7/8 inches wide. Made from 100% wool 

  • small fits most sizes 0-4 (measures 35" long, holes are between 23" and 31")
  • medium fits most sizes 6-14 (measures 41" long, holes are between 28" and 37")
  • large fits most sizes 14-20 (measures 47" long, holes are between 34" and 43")

Throughout Peru there are fair trade cooperatives that employ indigenous women to create traditional craft items.  This is often the only opportunity for them to earn money in poverty stricken rural areas.  Using natural fibers and ancestral hand sewing techniques, each item is a unique example of their beautiful craftsmanship.  Your purchase helps sustain these women, their families and the their community.

Each belt provides funding for 24 meals for kids in need.