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Floral Tea Pot Vintage Stamped  Spoon (provides 6 meals)

Floral Tea Pot Vintage Stamped Spoon (provides 6 meals)

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Teapot with floral detail. This is for ONE spoon. These are vintage spoons so there will be imperfections! They may not resemble the same spoons in the picture either as those are examples. They are hammered and stamped with the wording. Spoons will vary in size. color and metal (meaning patina or tarnish). Each spoon will be different which adds to the uniqueness of this set. PLEASE NOTE! These are very old spoons and should be wiped clean with a damp rag. They should not be placed in the dishwasher or be soaked in any water as it can ruin the metal/ wording. Every effort is made to ensure the item you receive matches the photos displayed, there may be some slight variations. Variations in color may also occur based on computer monitor settings.